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You may want to duplicate a Course to create another version, or to clear the results.​

How do I copy a Course?

There are two ways you can copy a Course. 

You can go to Dashboard > Courses, where you will see an overview of all the Courses you have created. Just click Copy under the title of the Course you wish to copy:

Or if you are within a Course, go to Copy course:

Simply enter the title for the copied course, and hit Copy. 

That's it! 

You'll immediately be taken to the dashboard of the copied Course.

What gets copied?

Good question! The slides, content and settings will be copied to the new Course. This includes the certificate, if you have one set up.

What does not get copied?

Results and statistics, plus the list of participants, will not be copied. If you use webhooks, those settings won't be copied over either, since they're unique to each Course.
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