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It is possible to set up a certificate to be generated for any particular scoring range for the Exam. Here's how to set that up...

There are two options of certificates for your Exam: template-based or custom design. For either option, you can upload your own background (created with an image editing tool).

Let's take a look the steps you need to take to create a certificate.

Activate the certificate at the Grading tab

Your Exam certificate will only be generated if you activate this option for at least one category at the Grading tab of your Exam. Click to edit the category you want to issue the certificate from, and then check ✅ the option to generate the certificate:

There, you can also add a text (and even links) that will appear at the end for the person who passes your Exam:

Show your certificate on the Result page

Participants can also download the certificate right from the result page.
Go to the Result page tab of your Exam. Select Show certificate.

A Download certificate button will appear on the result page at the end of an exam when a participant earns a certificate.

Participant view

Create your certificate background image

You can add your own certificate background image to the certificate. For that, you need to create it first. That needs to be done using an image editing tool (not directly in Easy LMS) such as MS Paint, Photoshop, Corel Draw or

Creating a background image for your certificate with is a free online graphic design tool that you can use to create your certificate background image. You can click here to find some ready-made certificate background images templates.

Video tutorial

Video subtitles available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. To activate the subtitles, click on the Cogwheel > subtitles/CC > Select a language for the subtitles.

Step by step

Select a template

Choose a template from the list and click to edit it (you may have to create a free account first). You can upload your own logo, signature (check this tutorial to learn how to digitalize your signature)

Remove any changeable information

Because the certificate will be genarated automatically from Easy LMS for every participant who passes the Exam, you need to remove any information that would be specific to a person, such as the name.

Download the certificate background image

Once you are satisfied with your certificate, you can download it as a PNG or JPEG file. Done! You have a customized background image for your certificate.

Setting up the certificate in Easy LMS

Back to your Easy LMS dashboard. Now, go to the Certificate tab in your Exam. You can select to generate a template-based certificate or a custom design one with the certificate editor.

What is the difference between a template-based and a custom design certificate?

With a template-based layout, the changeable elements in the certificate are fixed, so you need to choose between one of the layouts available. With the custom certificate editor, you can create your own layout so the changeable participant information appears where you want it to.

The certificate editor (custom design) is only available for Corporate Owl plans or above.

1. Creating a template-based certificate

Click on Certification > Template based design and you'll see the following options:

You can check only the first checkbox, or both, if you want the certificate to be sent to the participant's email. Here you can also select a background image for your certificate (the image at the back) and a layout (where the text goes).

For the certificate to be generated with participant information, don't forget to ask for it at the login page of your Exam!

Select a background image for your certificate

Click Select a background image. Here you can select one of the options available or upload your own certificate background image (like the one we just created in Canva). You can even resize and crop your background image to make it fit the certificate. Let's go with the second option:

Select a layout between the options available

Click Select a layout to open the window with options:

Select one the options above, this template will go over your background image (previously added).

You can also select a font and a color for the text in the changeable text.

After that (don't forget to click Save after you finish choosing the background image and the layout) you can download a preview of your certificate to see if it looks the way you want it to!

2. Creating a custom design certificate

With a Corporate Owl plan or above, you can use the certificate editor to create a custom design layout for your certificate.

Click on the Cerfificate tab > Custom design. There are two boxes: generate certificate and mail certificate to the participant (optional):

Let's take a look at the many options you have to customize your certificate. Go full screen for a better view:

Upload a background image

The first thing you need to do is upload your own background image. You can choose between the options: A4 portrait, A4 landscape, letter portrait, and letter landscape:

You can upload a JPEG or PNG file. In your background image, you can add text about your company, Course, Exam, and other relevant data, since this text will be same for everyone that gets your certificate (as explained above).

Adding text fields

Click on the + Add button (upper right corner) to add text fields to your certificate (those that will be changed according to the person taking your Exam).

The information you ask for at the login page (in Participant data) from name, e-mail address to extra questions such as company name, date of birth, employee ID, etc, will appear in the +Add menu so you can add it to your certificate.


If you click over one of the text fields you added, you'll see the option to edit change the font type, font size, text alignment, change the text to boldface, italics and upper case letters:

Done? Close the full screen view and click Save on the bottom of the page. Now you can download a PDF preview of your certificate:

The certificate email

We can now edit the email (if you ticked the option to send the certificate to the participant's email at the end of the exam). You can add your name, email address, and some information like the participant's name, link to the test, congratulations message, or anything you think will look nice here:

Don't forget to click Save and you're all set!
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