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You may want to create different groups of participants for your Academy portal for each department, classroom, store, club, team, or whatever you prefer. Groups can also be a way to organize learning content about the same topic.

Group overview

Create or edit a group

Go to Academy > Groups > Create new group. In the pop-up you can enter a Group Title, a Group description, and add a Cover image if you like. A Cover image is handy when you have lots of groups, it can help your participants to navigate more easily. You can also edit existing groups later:

Order groups

Academy groups can be ordered using the drag and drop feature. In the Actions column, use the Drag to sort icon to determine your own order:

By default, the oldest group will be at the top, and the newest group will appear at the bottom of the list.

Group page

Each group has its own page that you can reach by clicking on the Group title, it looks like this:

Group page

On the Participants tab you can add, remove, and manage the group participants.
On the Learning content tab you can assign and remove Courses and Exams to and from the group. You can also create a learning path for your participants.
From the Exam results and Course results tabs, you can view the results of your Exams and Courses per group and export them if you want to.
The Progress report tab gives you an overview of which Exams and Courses each participant has completed on a group level. You can send reminder emails from this tab too.
On this page you can also send Group notifications to your participants.
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