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Here's how you can create a video question for your Exam.

It's possible to add videos to mutliple choice questions in your Exams

Check out how!

Adding videos to your questions

Go to your Exam > Questions > Create new question > Video or audio:

Now you can add your question, the possible answers (multiple choice), and the link to your video:

I copied and pasted a link from YouTube. You can add videos from the following sources:


Here's how your question will look when someone is taking the Exam:

You can also check the other question types we offer here.

It's also possible to add videos to your Courses. Please check this article to learn how. 

How to make the videos private?

Are you concerned that your videos uploaded from other tools would have to be public, or available to everyone? Actually, you can make your videos private, even in Youtube. Learn how to do it here.
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