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To comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you need to be able to delete participant data from our tool. This article explains how you can do that.

From your dashboard, select Participant data in the Settings section:

This opens the Manage participants page, where you'll find a list of all participants that you can filter by name and email address. 

Editing participants

You can edit the names and email addresses of your participants. The changes will be applied throughout the system. Search for your participant by Username or Email. Then, click the edit icon in the Actions column, make the changes, and Save:

You can't change the email address to an address already in use by a different participant.

Deleting participants

To delete a single participant, click on the trash can icon in the Actions column:

To delete multiple participants, use the checkboxes to make a selection, then click the Delete selected participants button:


Deleting participants from the Manage participants page is permanent and cannot be undone! Participant data will be deleted throughout the system. This is not limited to the removal of names and email addresses. It also impacts session data and results, and all overviews and statistics.

We have a delete participant API. You will need to have at least a Corporate Owl plan. Check out our API documentation for details.

Exporting Participant data

It is possible to export all of your participants' Usernames and Email addresses to an Excel file. Select Start export of Participants > View status.

Selecting View status will take you to the Export overview where you can download your file when it is ready.

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