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With the Question bank you can filter your questions by tag and/or by the Exam(s) they're used in. Here's how!

Filter by category tags

If you have been using tags to categorize your questions, it's now possible to filter them in your exam question bank, and search for the adequate questions for your new exam. If you have never used tags (categories) in your exam before, check out how to do it here.

It's very simple. When creating a new exam, go to your Exam > Questions > Question bank > Filter by categories (there is a list of questions you used and tagged before). Just enter the name of the tag(s) you want to filter and press enter. If you filter by multiple tags, it will find questions that have all of those tags applied to them.

Filter by Exam(s)

To find out which Exam(s) a question is used in, go to Exam > Questions > Question bank. Search for the question in the Filter by question filter and select the number listed under Exam count:

When you select this number, a window will pop up and list the question usage: 

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