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This article will explain how to restrict access to your Course to a specific list of participants.

It is possible to invite a select group of people to take your Course. All you need is a list of their names and email addresses to get started!

1. Activate Invite only

From your Course, go to the Participant data tab, and select Only by invite in the Participant data field. Under What type of basic info should participants enter, select Name, email address, & password.

Don't forget to click Save at the bottom of the page!

2. Add participants

Now, go to the Participants tab to add the participants you would like to invite to your Course.

You have three options here:

Import new participants from Excel: Using a .xlsx or .ods file to add participants in bulk is the most time-saving process. You can find sample files that you can use when you select this option.
Add single participant: This is a manual option where you add new participant one at a time. Just select Add single new participant and enter a Name and Email in the pop-up box.
Add existing participant(s): You can search by name or email address to add participants you've previously invited to take other content.

3. Set up the invitation email

The next step is to format the invitation that participants with receive. Go to Invitation email where you will find a template for the message. You are welcome to edit this text and make it your own.

Please note that there are several text elements with {tags} around them. These texts will be automatically overwritten with participant-specific information by our system. Instead of {name}, it will say the real participant's name, and instead of {password}, it will give a unique password for each participant. In other words, you should leave these {tagged} texts unchanged 😉.

4. Send the invitations

Go to the Send invitations > Send invitation email(s) to send the invitations in bulk.

There is a limit to the number of invitations you can send per day, and your rate limit depends on your subscription type.

That's it! Now, your participants will receive an invitation email where they can simply click on the direct link to log in and start their Course!
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