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You can create different categories to assign your Exams to, enabling you to better manage and filter your learning content. They work like folders 📁 for your Exam

Create the category

To create a category, go to Dashboard > Exams > Categories > Exam. Click the Add category button:

Just enter a title, and click Save!

Assign a category to an Exam

There are two ways you can assign a category to an Exam.

Firstly, on the Start page of each Exam using the drop-down menu in the Exam category field:

If you don't want to use Exam categories, you can leave the Exam category field set to the default No category option.

Alternatively, you can assign categories from the Overview page. Go to Dashboard > Exams > More options > Categorize. Just make a selection in the pop-up, and hit Save:

Manage your categories

The Exam categories will appear on the Overview and Archive pages. You can manage and sort your learning content by using the filter for the Category column:

From the Exam tab on the Categories page you can search, edit and delete your Exam categories:

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