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Sometimes you add a picture and it gets cut off. I'll teach you a simple technique to fix this problem and display your images perfectly!

We do our best to make sure you upload images with the right size to the image fields in your tests, but sometimes, when you take the test, the image gets cut off. Fixing this is very simple, and it can be done with most image editors. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do it using MS Paint

Basically, when you create/take the exam, you should take a look at the image that was cut off. Was it too rectangular or too square for the image field?

If so, you can open the image in a photo editor and extend the edges to fix this issue.

How to avoid images from getting cropped


When adding images as picture answers (medium images question type) I see that the jackfruit picture is getting cut off on the sides, and it's too big compared to the other images. Adding or extending the edges of this picture solves this problem.

Here's how you can do that: find the image in your computer folder, right click over the image > open with > Paint (or any other image editor).  

Now, click on the corner of the picture to extend the white background (if your background is in another color, you can paint it with the paint bucket later, or copy and paste selections of the background image to the blank areas):

Now we need to place the jackfruit in the middle of the new, bigger background. Click on select and trace a rectangle over the jackfruit, then drag and drop it to the middle of the background:

Now you can save your image, go back to your test and upload it to the image field again:

Now the image is not getting cut off and showing properly on your test:

All set!
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