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Although our tool is set up to function mainly as an online tool, there might be a situation where you would like your learning content on paper.

Printing an Exam

For Exams, there is a feature to generate a printable PDF. 

Go to Dashboard > Exams > Name of Exam. You'll find the Print button in the top right corner of your screen. The Print button opens a drop-down list from which you can choose to print just the Exam, or the Exam with answers:

A printable version of your Exam will be generated:

Printing a Course

It is possible to generate a printable PDF of your Course slides.

Go to Slides > Print:

A printable PDF version of your Course will be generated and include all content elements as they appear on the slides.

The PDF will display Exams and Assessments in a slide containing the title only.

The styling and background images are removed.

Printing a Quiz

We don't have a print feature for Quizzes.

To print the questions and answers from your Quiz, you'll need to export them and print them from Excel.

Go to Questions > Export questions:

This will generate an Excel file where your questions are listed, together with the answer options, and images if you've used those (well, not the image itself, but its source URL):

You can restructure this data in Excel and print it from there!

Printing an Assessment

We don't have a print feature for Assessments.

What you can do is export the questions and answers, and then print them, in the same way as for Quizzes described above.
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