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An explanation of connecting Shopify and Easy LMS to sell your Exams.

Is it possible to sell Exams with Easy LMS? Yes!

This article is about Shopify, which was tested by us, and how to automate your sales.

What you will need

First of all, you will need a Shopify account and a Zapier account. Both will have to be paid accounts. 

For Shopify you need at least Basic Shopify, which is $29/month, to be able to sell anything.
For Zapier you need at least the Starter plan, which is $20/month, to connect it to Shopify, because Shopify is a premium app in Zapier.
For Easy LMS you need at least a Corporate Owl account, which is $99/month, to be able to use integrations.
To test the connection, the Exam you want to sell should be set to A predefined group of users.

1. Create an Exam

The first thing you need to do is create an Exam. Oh no! How surprising!? If you have already created an Exam, please go to step two. If not, this article will help you.

2. Create a Shopify account

Create a Shopify account and fill in your details.
You will start with a free 14-day trial, but you will not be able to test the API connection until you choose a plan and enter your payment details.

3. Set up and customize your Shopify store

Follow the basic steps to set up and customize your store.
Create your Exam products and change the branding of your store.

We created a sample store. As you can see our store contains three Exams about onboarding. One Exam is free of charge. To test the connection between Zapier, Shopify and Easy LMS you can do the same, before you actually start selling your Exams. If you are satisfied with your store, you can proceed to the next step.

4. Make a purchase

Create at least one product and set the price at 0. This allows you to test the connection by purchasing your own product without being charged. This will also store your information.

5. Create a Zapier account

Create a Zapier account and fill in your details.

6. Connect Zapier to Shopify and Easy LMS

After creating an account select the orange button Make a Zap!
When this Shopify (you need a premium Zapier account or a premium 7-day trial account).
Choose Trigger Event: New Paid Order.
Continue and log in to your Shopify account.
Payment status; Paid, Order status; Any, Fulfillment status; Any
Skip test
Do this... Webhooks by Zapier
Choose Action Event: POST
Now you need to fill in the form. There is is some data you need to enter:

Here is what that would look like in Zapier:

Make sure to:

Add the API endpoint URL which sends the Zap from Shopify to your Exam in Easy LMS
Select Json as the Payload Type
Add the four Exam fields to the webhook as shown including the apikey, examid, email and name.

The customer who buys your Exam and fills in his name and email address will then automatically be invited to your Exam after payment. If you made a fake purchase in your webshop you should be able to test the Zap, as Zapier now has information to use. 

Make sure to turn ON the Zap after testing it!

7. Test your Zap connection

You can now test your connection as an actual customer who would buy an Exam from your webshop. 

Log in to your Shopify account and go to your live webshop as a customer.
Open a second window and go to Orders as an admin.
Go to your webshop and add the Exam to your cart.
Fill in your details and complete the purchase.
The Zap should now have been sent. If you filled in everything correctly, the name and email address you used to purchase your Exam should have been added to the Exam within a few minutes.

You can also check whether the Zap was successful by navigating to Task History in Zapier:

8. Ready to go

You are now ready to sell all your created Exams through Shopify!

If you have any issues with your Shopify integration, please contact Shopify support.
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