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Would you like to know more about your audience's behavior and personal characteristics, work style, and overall personality? Or maybe you need some input from your clients or employees, so you can improve your products or company culture?

That is possible with our Assessment product. In less than 3 minutes, I'll show you how to quickly create these types of tests and impress your audience!

Choose a type of Assessment to get started

When you start creating an Assessment, you will have to choose between two formats, multiple categories or single scale. Let me explain the basic differences between the two.

What is the difference between single scale and Assessments with multiple categories?

Multiple categories' Assessments can be used to create tests where the person can belong to one, or several categories. There's no right or wrong result. This is the format you could typically use for a personality test. 

Create categories or outcomes for your Assessment

Start by creating the Categories for your Assessment, then create the Questions. For each answer you can add points related to a specific category. This way, the system will know which category the user scored the highest at. 

Single scale Assessments can be used to create tests where a person can score within a specific category, on a scale. This format can be used for placement or skill level tests (from beginner to expert for example) or whatever you want to measure that belongs to different levels of the same category. 

You can link different points to each answer, and in this way present the result on a single scale at the end.

Analyzing your Assessment results

The results can be sent to the participants by email, and are also stored on the Results tab. You can download them and use them to help you in your decision-making process. 

Now you know how easy it is to create online surveys and personality tests with Easy LMS. Create your tests, share them, and analyze the results easily in our platform. Don't waste more time and money trying to "guess" what your audience wants. Ask them! And that was in less than 3 minutes, which means you can do much more than what you are doing now!

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