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Follow these simple instructions to be able to add fill in the blanks questions to your Exam or Quiz

If you want to vary the question type you are using for your tests, it's possible to add fill in the blanks questions, that allow your users to write down an answer (or answers) that are automatically graded by the system. 

Fill in the blanks questions are available for the Quiz and Exam formats in our tool. 

Please check the instructions below to add them to your exam (it's a similar process for the Quiz).

Go to your Exam > questions > create new question > choose the option: Fill in the blanks:

Basically, make sure to write a simple answer, and the system can grade it automatically. And you can determine a percentage of 'deviation' for the answer you wrote, like typos, spelling or writing mistakes and things like that.

The "percentage of deviation" is how much an answer from a participant can vary (deviate) from the correct answers you added.

You can edit the settings of your question as shown below: 

Question set up example:

What is the name of the queen of Great Britain?
Possible correct answers:
Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth II

In which continent is Brazil?
Possible correct answers:
South America
Latin America

As you can see, you should add different possible answers in different lines (in this way the participant has different possibilities of answers).

Examples of answers:

What is the name of the queen of Great Britain?
Elizabeth (correct answer)
Elizabeht (80% correct)
and so on... 

You can also check the other question types we offer here.
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