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In the Analyze section of your dashboard you can view, filter, and export participant sessions. You can also get an overview of your export files.

Where to find it

Go to Dashboard > Analyze:


If you have a Corporate Owl or an Enterprise Owl plan, the Sessions page is available for you.

Instead of going to each individual Exam, Course, or Assessment to view participant results, you have an umbrella view of all participant sessions here.

You can filter Sessions by Date, Participant, learning content Title and Type, Finished status, and the Certificate Status. You can also see the Score for each session:

The View button will take you directly to the participant's results for that specific session.

By clicking on the Export button in the top right corner, you can export your filtered selection to an Excel file (the export status and file download can be found on the Export overview page).

Export overview

If you have a Smart Owl plan or higher, the Export overview page is available for you.

It will display details of exports generated in the last seven days, including the status and a download link:

Currently this page only includes the following exports:
Exam, Course, and Analyze results.
Assessment questions.
Exam participants.
Course participants.

The admin that generates the export will receive an email notification when the export is finished, or if it fails.

Beware that if you have a results export pending, the export may fail if you archive or delete learning content before the export is complete!
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