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It's possible to view the history of your Exam webhooks in Easy LMS.

If you have enabled webhooks for your Exam, you can also see which webhooks have been sent, and what their status is. 

How to view the webhooks history

Go to Integrations > Webhook and click Show history in the top right corner of your screen:

You'll then see an overview of all your webhooks that includes the ID, date of creation, endpoint, HTTP status code, and the status. There's also a handy Actions column - if you click on the eye icon you can view the payload, and if you click the circular arrow you can resend the payload to the endpoint:

Please note that webhooks are only available to Corporate Owls or above!

We are currently changing the format of the following values: assessment_id, course_id, exam_id, question_id, and session_id. If you encounter any problems with your webhooks, please contact support.
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