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Having trouble importing your questions?

If you are trying to import questions to your Quiz, please check this article. For Exams, please read here.

Issues when importing questions

Let's take a look at some of the common causes for this problem:

I can't understand the example file

Depending on your country and Excel settings, the example file downloaded from our tool might look slightly different (and difficult to edit) on your side. 

No worries. You can also download the file in .xlsx format (with all the columns exactly where they should be), add your questions and answers, and then save it as .csv before uploading it. 

You can find the templates for importing questions when you click to import questions.

Trying to import the export file

If you tried exporting the questions from a test and importing them to another test, this may be the cause of your problem. That is because the structure of an export file is different from that of an import file. That's the reason why you can't simply upload an export .csv to import the questions.

The structure of the .csv file that you use to import questions to your exam should exactly match that of the example file.

Don't forget to save the file as .CSV!

The most common reason why uploads fail is that the CSV file is not UTF-8 formatted. You can tell Excel to save CSV files as UTF-8 in the following way:

Go to Save as and select the dropdown menu Extra and select Weboptions.
The go to Encoding and set it to UNICODE UTF-8.

Please note that Excel on MAC cannot save in UTF-8. A simple workaround is uploading the file to Google Docs and then download it as a CSV file. It will then automatically have a UTF-8 encoding.
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