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Don't remember your password? Lost access to your account? Here's how you can regain access to your account.

This might be quite frustrating for you, but the solution is quite simple!

How to recover your password

Just go to this page and select Oh no! I forgot my password! and enter your email address.

You will then receive an email in your inbox (if not check your spam folder) and you'll be able to reset your password.

You will only receive an email if your email address is registered in our database (meaning: you have an account with us). If not, you won't. Please try another email address 😉

If this doesn't work, just send us a message through the chat, or an email to

I have had too many login attempts

When you get the password wrong 7 times in a row, your account is temporarily locked for 1 hour and you will get the message You have had too many login attempts. We do this to prevent other people from trying to guess your password and logging in. To log in again, you just have to wait for the hour to be over.

If you really need to log in now, you can reset your password like described above and log in through the email. You still cannot log in with your email address and password, but you can at least access your account!

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