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Do you have a lot of questions you want to add to your Quiz? With an import file you can upload a list of questions in one go.

On the Dashboard page you can search for the Quiz you want to add your questions to.  You might have to create one first by clicking the + New quiz button in the upper right corner of your screen.

How to import questions to your Quiz

Once you've selected the Quiz, please go to the Questions tab in the menu on the left, and select the tab Import questions:

Here you will find an example .csv file that you can download. We recommend you to use this example file to create your own import file.

You can also download this example file here: 

Download example file for Importing questions to a Quiz

Please make sure you keep the top row unchanged and list your questions in the columns below along with the other data.

This is the required information for each column:

Please enter the Questions here (one question per row)

Please enter the correct answer here

Enter another answer here (if your question has several correct answers, these should be the first ones listed)

answer_3 to answer_10
Enter the other answers here

Please enter the number of correct answers here (normally this would be "1", but it can be any other number)

Once you've added all the information, please save your file as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*csv):

Now you can go back to your Quiz and go to Questions > Import questions where you can choose your own file and click Upload csv.

That's it! Your Quiz should now contain all the questions of your file and you're ready to adjust the settings to your liking and share it with your participants✨

The process of importing questions into an Exam is slightly different from a Quiz. Please read this article to find out how to import questions into an Exam.
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