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Do you have a lot of questions you want to add to your exam? With an import file you can upload a list of questions in one go.

Video tutorial

Video subtitles available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. To activate the subtitles, click on the Cogwheel > subtitles/CC > Select a language for the subtitles.

Importing Exam questions

On the Dashboard page of your account you search for the Exam you want to add questions to.  You might have to create one first by clicking the Create new exam button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Once you've selected the Exam, please go to Questions and click on the tab Import.

Here you will find a .xlsx and .ods file you can download. We recommend you use one of them to create your own import file.

You can also download this example file here: download example file for Importing questions to an Exam

Only multiple-choice questions can be imported. You can add other question types later on (manually) or change the imported question into another format.

Please make sure that you keep the first row unchanged. Insert your questions in the columns below along with the other appropriate data.

Per column, this is the information that is required:

Please enter the Questions here (one question per row).

Here you can enter the amount of points that you would like to give for this question when it's answered correctly.

If the answers to this question need to be shuffled, enter a ‘'1’'. If the answers should be shown in the order of creation, enter a ‘'0’'.

You can enter any of the answer-options here.

Here you can enter an explanation (feedback) that can be shown after this answer was given by a participant. (Please note that this is only available for Business Owl accounts and up).

If answer_x is correct you should enter a "1", if it's incorrect you should enter a "0".

Here you can enter a general explanation (feedback) for the question, which you can choose to show after a question is answered by a participant.

Here you can enter a Category/tag that you would like import along with a Question. It's also possible to create and assign a Category/tag when you're not importing questions.

True or False questions

Questions only need a minimum of two answers, and this is how to import true/false questions:

You can import true or false questions by just adding true in the answer_1 column and false in the answer_2 column. In correct_1 (true) you should enter ''1'' and in correct_2 (false) you should enter ''0''.

Safe your file and go back to your Exam and go to Questions > Import > Choose a file where you can upload your import file.

That's it! Your Exam should now contain all the Questions of your file, and you're ready to edit your test. You can now adjust the settings to your liking and then share it with your participants.
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