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It is possible to import questions and categorize them in one go!

Importing questions

When you have a list of questions that you would like to add to your Exam in one go, you can import them in a .xlsx or .ods file.

Now, it's also possible to tag (categorize) your questions in the same flow. Let me show you how it works:

Category columns in the import file

In the structure of the import file, you can add the categories in an extra column at the end of the question row.

Depending on the amount of categories that you would like the question to fall into, you would need a separate column for each of the categories. So there is one category name per cell.

The top-row should state "category_1", "category_2", "category_3", .... "category_x"

When you import the Questions to your Exam, the system will 'tag' the Questions with the names used in the file.

List of categories

If a category is used for the first time, it will also be added to the list of categories in your Dashboard.

You can find your list of categories in the Exam menu on the left: 

That's it! Whoop Whoop, such a time-saver! 😎
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