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Yes and No. Read on to learn more.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is an abbreviation that stands for: Sharable Content Object Reference Model. “Sharable Content Object” indicates that SCORM is all about creating units of online training material that can be shared across systems. Long story short: SCORM was designed to make it easy for you to transfer content between Learning Management Systems. It’s like the ZIP file of the LMS systems.

How does SCORM work?

SCORM defines a specific way of constructing a learning management system, so the contents created there can be shared with other SCORM compliant systems. It enables you to package your content and share it with other systems more efficiently.

What is a SCORM package?

A SCORM package is an XML-file that contains all the information to transfer learning content to a SCORM-compliant LMS.

The downside of SCORM

SCORM limits what an LMS developer can build because it has to agree to their given standard. This standard, if you read about the history of SCORM here, is quite old and doesn't take into account all the new and innovative stuff that's happening out there.

Adding full SCORM support to become a SCORM-compliant LMS requires adding a lot of code and, thus, extra costs for developing an LMS. We can spend that money to build other important stuff.

Is Easy LMS compliant with SCORM?

Yes and No. Easy LMS allows you to export data into a SCORM-package, but it’s not possible to import SCORM-files into our Easy LMS.

Because of the downside of SCORM, at Easy LMS, we decided not to build our software based on an old “standard” because that limits what we can build and costs time and money that could be used to make other cool stuff. So we're not fully SCORM-compliant. Our online LMS doesn't support the importing of SCORM-files from other LMS systems.

For our Corporate and Enterprise Owl clients, it’s possible to export a SCORM-package of the content created in our system so they can import it to other SCORM-compliant systems.

Our SCORM-export feature is experimental beta. We encourage you to test it before purchasing a subscription, if you really need this feature. Because Easy LMS is not fully SCORM-compliant, any issues with SCORM files may not be given priority in support.

You may download the SCORM package from the Publish tab of your learning content:

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