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Getting an error message when trying your test? There are many things that can be causing this. This article explains some possibilities

The title of your test/course

Let's start with the title of your test. Did you add any different symbols to it? For example, you shouldn't add a slash or a hyphen to the title of your test.

The reason that the URL for your test is not working, is that you have used a "/" or a "-" in the title of your test.

These symbols interfere with the common rules for URLs, where it indicates the start of a subdomain.

So, just rename your test and leave out the symbols; it should be good to go! ✨

The time frame in which your learning content is available

Perhaps you added a start and end date (and time) to your test and when you try to take it, it's not available yet or anymore.

You can edit these settings here:

Quizzes: Settings > Advanced > Start date/Last day active
Assessments: Settings > Start date/Last day active
Exams: Access > A predefined group of participants > When is the exam open for participants? > Always/Specific date & time
Courses: Settings > Advanced > Start date/Last day active

Please bear in mind that all times are in the timezone of your account. You can view or edit your timezone in your account settings. Read more about that here.

There are no questions or categories

Did you actually remember to add questions to your test? 😅 Seems like a pretty obvious step, but sometimes we can forget it ... so please double check that and you'll be good to go.

If you are creating an Assessment, it's also necessary to create categories, which are the possible outcomes of your test. If there are no categories, no result will be generated at the end and you might see an error page. If you don't know what categories are, please check this article and this article.

Something else

None of the issues listed above is the cause of your problem? If so, please, contact us and we'll investigate it for you! Just send us a chat message and we'll do some digging for you 💪.
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