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The Postmessage API is used to send some extra information to your embedding page of our Exams.

POST message API documentation

The Postmessage API will push a message to the page your Exam is embedded on that will look something like this:

        status: 'ranking',  
        ranking: {  
               score: 50,           // Number, the mark for the exam. 100 means 100% correct, 0 means 0% correct correct  
               answered: 2,         // Number, The amount of answered questions for this session  
               correct: 1,          // Number, the amount of questions that were answered (partially) correct  
               incorrect: 1,        // Number, the amount of questions that were answered wrong  
               points: 2,           // Number, The amount of points scored for this session  
               maximum: 4,          // Number, the maximum amount of possible points for this session  
               category: {  
                       title: 'Failed'  // String,  

For the convenience we've added a sample JavaScript below that you can use on your embedding page. It makes use of the jQuery library, but that requirement can be easily removed if necessary.

<script type="text/javascript>  
// Sample implementation of events. Using jQuery v1.7 or higher  
// Should work on following browsers: [](  
jQuery(window).on("message onmessage", function(event) {  
        var     origin = event.originalEvent.origin;  
        var     allowedDomains = [  
        try {  
               var     data = (typeof === "string") ? JSON.parse( ||;  
        catch (e) {  
        if (allowedDomains.indexOf(origin) !== -1 && data.status && data.ranking) {  
               // Your custom script....  
               // The following variables are available  
               data.ranking.score;           // The mark in (%) for this exam. eg. 100 for everything correct and 0 when every answer was wrong  
               data.ranking.answered;        // The total amount of answered questions  
               data.ranking.correct;         // Amount of correctly answered questions  
               data.ranking.incorrect;       // Amount of wrong answered questions  
               data.ranking.points;          // The amount of points that the particpant got for this session  
               data.ranking.maximum;         // The maximum possible points for this exam  
               data.ranking.category.title;  // The name of the category the particpant falls in. Likely to be 'Passed' or 'Failed'  
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