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When you add participants to an Exam or an Academy group using a CSV file, you can see feedback on the success (or not) of the import.

For both Exams and the Academy, you have the option to import participants using a CSV file. But what if there's an error on your CSV file, and not all participants are successfully imported? Or maybe you just want to check that the import was successful? We have a super handy feature that will notify you of this.

Feedback on failed imports

Participants can be imported in this way on the Access tab for Exams, and on the Participants and Groups tabs for Academy. 

Once you have imported participants using a CSV file, the successfully imported participants will be listed on the page. You will also see an icon next to the Add participants button, a red circle with an exclamation mark inside it:

Click on the icon, and in the pop-up box you will see the number of successfully imported participants, along with the number of participants that were not imported. If there were participants that failed to import, you'll also see their names and email addresses listed:

Note that once you leave the page, the icon will disappear!

Have your participants failed to import? Check that your import file is set up correctly. You can download a sample CSV file in the pop-up box when you select to import via CSV. Make sure there are no blank spaces after the names and email addresses, or it won't work.

Don't forget to save the import file as .CSV!

The most common reason why uploads fail is that the CSV file is not UTF-8 formatted. You can tell Excel to save CSV files as UTF-8 in the following way:

Go to Save as and select the dropdown menu Extra and select Weboptions.
The go to Encoding and set it to UNICODE UTF-8.

Please note that Excel on MAC cannot save in UTF-8. A simple workaround is uploading the file to Google Docs and then download it as a CSV file. It will then automatically have a UTF-8 encoding.
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