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There are many ways to provide feedback to your participants. The options are listed below.

Quick correct/incorrect feedback directly after answering a question

The chosen answer can be highlighted in green or red directly after a participant answers a question to indicate if it's correct or incorrect. When it's incorrect the correct answer will also be highlighted in green.

The correct/incorrect feedback color also displays at the bottom of the page.

How to set this up

To set this up go to Behavior. On this page you'll find a dropdown option called Exam type. Select the option Participant can see the correct answer after answering a question.

Please note that this feedback is meant to be a quick confirmation of the right answer.

If you'd like your participants to have more time for the feedback to sink in, you might want to use the next option for that.

Giving feedback directly after a question is answered

You can choose to show an explanation text and image right after a question was answered. The explanation will be displayed on the next screen after a participant has chosen their answer.

How to add a general feedback for your question

When you create a new question for your Exam (in Questions), you'll find the option to add feedback elements after the question:

You can upload an image and text.

Setting the rules for displaying the explanation

Once you've added an explanation image or text, you can choose when you'd like that to show. This option can be found in Behavior, at Show explanations directly after answering a question.

You can choose:

Never - This will hide the explanation when answering questions. It will still however, be displayed on the Result page along with the questions and answers depending on which layout you chose for that page.
When the participant answered incorrectly - If someone chose the correct answer they will not see this explanation and will proceed to the next question.
Always - The explanation will be displayed after each answered question, regardless of whether the answer was right or wrong.

Giving feedback on a specific answer directly after a question is answered

It is also possible to give feedback for each separate answer. This is a great way to give relevant feedback to their chosen answer.

Just like with the feedback for every question, this feedback pops up directly after a question is answered.

How to add a specific explanation for each answer

When you create a new question for your Exam, you'll find the option to add an explanation for each answer beneath the question box:

If you've entered an explanation for a specific answer it will be displayed when someone chose that answer.

Only general feedback to your question or feedback on a specific answer can be shown. Not both at the same time. In that case, the question feedback will override the answer feedback.

Showing feedback for all the questions and answers at the end of the Exam

You're also able to show all the questions, chosen answers and correct answers at the end of the Exam, on the Result Page.

Below you can see a question where the chosen answer (C) was false, the correct answer is D, and an explanation image and text with URL is shown:

You can find the setting to display this information in the Result Page section called What do you want to show on the Result page? (to access this feature choose the first layout option for your result page):

You can choose to:

Hide Questions & Answers - this will hide any information and feedback on the Result Page.
Only show the Questions + Score - this will display the questions, the amount of points that were scored and the explanations.
Show the Questions & Answers - which will give all the information available, including the given answer, and any explanation (like in the screenshot above)

No feedback

It is also an option not to give feedback. You can also hide the final score of your participants. To learn more, read about How to hide Exam Results from participants
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