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It is possible to assemble an Exam with a random selection of questions from specific tags or categories.

It is possible to create a question bank and have the system randomly select a number of questions for each test. The basics of this functionality are explained in this article. In addition to this basic randomizing setting, you can also determine the number of questions that should be selected per category! 😎

You need to tag your questions with categories for this to work. If you haven't set these up and tagged your questions, please check out how to do it here.

Next, you can set the rules for the number of questions that should be selected from each of the categories.

Go to the Behavior tab in the menu of your Exam

Go to Question order

Select Categorical: Select by category.

Set the number of questions per category

You will then find an overview of the available questions per category, and you can enter the number of questions to be picked at random from each of those.

You can also choose to use a number of questions without categories for your Exam.

If you have questions tagged with multiple categories, please be aware of the following information. Our system will select questions that are tagged with multiple categories only once to avoid duplication. This means that your Exam could potentially generate fewer questions than you originally selected.

Choose the order of the questions

For the order of the questions, you can choose to present the questions according to the order of the categories listed (which you can drag and drop), or you can let the system randomize the selected questions.
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