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It is possible to send emails to participants from your email address with our custom email server feature.

By default, our system sends emails through the server of Easy LMS. This means that your participants will see the emails as originating from an Easy LMS email address. For example, If you want to send these emails from your own email address, you can set up a custom email server. The custom email server feature is available with the Business Owl plan and above.

What are the benefits of sending emails from your email address?

It increases opening rates by instilling trust. Your participants won't think the emails are spam if they recognize the email address.
It prevents corporate servers from blocking emails.
It white-labels the emails sent to participants, aligning the emails with your company brand.

Which emails are affected?

Participant emails such as:

Forgot password (participants only)

Regardless of the custom email server option, you define the name of the email sender and the reply to address in the individual email templates in your admin dashboard. If you leave these fields empty, it defaults to the Account name for the name of the email sender and the Correspondence email address for the reply to address. You can edit the Account name and Correspondence email address from My Account > Account.

Where can I find my email settings?

You can manage your settings in your dashboard by going to My account > Advanced setup > Email server

How do I send emails through my own email server?

Enable the SMTP server option. Enter the details in the required fields, and hit Save:

When you have successfully saved your settings and connected Easy LMS with your server, you will see a message confirming the connection.  

Easy LMS will now send emails from the email address that you entered!

Even when you use your email server, the rate limits still apply.


If you see the following error message:

Could not establish a connection to the SMTP server. Check the host and port. Verify that the port uses an encrypted connection and the SSL certificate is valid.

Check whether:

You have filled in the Host correctly.
You have filled in the Port correctly.
Your server supports TLS. For security reasons, Easy LMS will not communicate over an unencrypted connection. If you are using port 25, switch to port 587 or 465 to resolve this issue.
Your server port is open and not blocked by a firewall. Easy LMS does not use a set of fixed IP addresses, so your SMTP server must be open to the internet.
The SSL certificate is valid (Easy LMS cannot connect to servers without this certificate because it only accepts secure connections).

If you see the following error message:

Could not establish a connection to the SMTP server. Check the username and password. If you use Microsoft Office 365, disable the multifactor identification (MFA) and enable SMTP for your portal.

Check whether:

You have filled in your Username correctly.
You have filled in your Password correctly.
For Office 365, you meet these additional requirements. 1. Check if you have disabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for that account. 2. Check if you've enabled SMTP for the user account within the Office 365 portal.
For Gmail, you have created an application-specific password. For instructions on creating one, see the Google documentation.

If you do not see an error message, but your participants do not receive your emails:

Check whether:

Your server is able to send messages using the email address you entered as the sender email address.
The emails are delivered to your participant’s spam folder. If your server cannot use this email address as the sender email address, the emails will likely end up in spam.
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