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This article explains how to set up passing rates for Exams that have been added to Courses.*

Setting passing rates for the Exam

For each Exam you create, you can create different Pass and Fail categories on the Exam Grading tab. A simple example of this would be to allow a participant to pass at 50% and higher. Anything below 50% would be an automatic fail:

Setting pass rates for the Exam in the Course

When you add an Exam to a Course, you can set up an additional passing rate. This will determine what score they need to get on the Exam to pass the Course, earn a Course certificate, or move on to the next Course slide.

This score might be aligned with the Pass and Fail scores for your Exam on the Exam Grading tab. However, this is not mandatory. If you select Show the result page at the end, participants will see their score based on the pass rate that you have set for the Exam itself, not the Course.

Here, you can also determine the Maximum attempts to pass the Exam. If they exceed the attempt limit, they will fail the Course and go immediately to the Course end slide.

If you want to change this pass rate later on, go to Slides > Edit for the Exam slide that you would like to change the passing rate.
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