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If you're setting up a Course with an Exam, passing rates can be somewhat confusing. This article explains the possibilities.

Setting passing rates for the Exam

For each Exam you create, you can create different Pass/Fail categories on the Exam > Grading tab. A simple example of this would be to allow a participant to pass at a rate of 50% and higher, and anything lower than that will be an automatic fail:

On the Result page of the Exam, a participant can then see the category name (and description) that corresponds with the percentage they scored. You can name the categories anything you want, and enter your own description. By using the Tags option, you can personalize the description that appears at the end of the Exam:

It is also possible to have the system generate a certificate for any of those result categories.

Setting pass rates for the Exam in the Course

You can also add an Exam to a Course and then set up a pass rate for the Exam. This is the minimum score that is required before someone may continue with the next element in the Course.

This score might be aligned with the Pass/Fail scores for your Exam. However, it doesn't need to be.

You can configure the minimum score to pass the Exam and continue with the next part of the Course in the Slides section of the Course, once you add an Exam slide to your Course (here you can also determine the maximum number of attempts allowed for this Exam:

If you want to change this pass rate later on, click on Edit for the Exam slide that you would like to set a passing rate for. (Please note that you shouldn't click the Edit exam button - this will take you to the original Exam which is not the place to change this percentage.)

The Edit button will take you to the page where you can set up the minimum score that is required to continue with the rest of the Course:

You might want to consider allowing your participants to try taking the test again if they didn't get a sufficient score the first time.

If a participant has used up all the attempts and didn't get a score above the passing rate, he will be taken to to the End page of the Course. You can set up a specific result page for them which is different from the End page) for participants who did pass the Exam.

The available options and all the combinations give a lot of freedom and flexibility to set up the best settings for your Course.
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