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This article explains the special packages we offer for teachers and schools and their terms and conditions.

Special packages for teachers and schools (primary and secondary schools)

Are you a teacher at a primary or secondary school, and do you agree to use your Easy LMS account for classroom work only?

If you answered yes to both questions, you qualify to purchase one of our special plans for teachers and schools.

Teacher Owl

It is a plan for individual teachers and educators with a special price, with the same features as the Business Owl plan. It allows you to create online tests and courses, share them, send invitation emails (max. 100 per day) and certificates to your students, and allows up to 1,000 participant sessions per month.

Pricing: $39/year or €36/year.

School Owl

A plan for schools with the same features of the Business Owl plan. Create online tests and courses, share them (max. 1000 invitation email per day), generate certificates, and email your students. Up to 25,000 participant sessions per month. It comes with 25 administrators (you can add different teachers as administrators so that they can log in to Easy LMS with their own email address).

Pricing: $250/year or €235/year.


If you want to purchase one of these plans for yourself or your school, please provide us with the following information to do a formal verification:

Exact name of the school
Your work email address
Name of the Director of the school
Which classes/subjects you teach
For what purpose you want to use Easy LMS

How to get started

Sign up for the free 7-day trial of a Business Owl subscription from our pricing page. You can start using our software the moment you sign up.

After you sign up for the Business Owl trial, email us at from your school email account. Provide us with the "verification" information described above. Once we verify this information, we will send you an email confirmation with a payment link.

After you receive our email, log in to your account and follow the payment link to upgrade to the Teacher Owl/School Owl before the trial ends.

Fine print

If you have been paying for one of our regular accounts, we can't refund those previous payments. We reserve to ourselves the right to change your subscription to a regular account in case of abuse (using it for commercial practice, for instance). We reserve the right to stop the discount program altogether in case of chronic abuse of discounted accounts.
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