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Learn how you can make your Course match the look and feel of your website and brand.

On the Styling tab of your Course, you can see the following options to make your Course look even better and match your company or personal style. Let's take a look at them!


Here you can see a drop-down list with options to choose from:

Light will make your background color something close to white:

Dark will make your background somewhat black and gray:

Minimalist will make your background all white, and the main content section won't stand out from it:


Change the color of the background, text, and interface elements here (and make them match your brand):

Text color

This will change the color of the header and body text.

Graphic elements

This will change the color of the buttons, file download links, and other interface elements like the log out button.

Background color

This will change the color of the background.


Button color and Button text color

These two options are for the answers to Exam and practice questions (when the Style is set to Minimalist).


Here you can change the Header font and Body font type. You can choose from a variety of web safe and Google fonts:


Custom CSS

With a Corporate Owl subscription or above, you can customize the CSS of your Course. At this time, it is not manageable from your dashboard. Please contact us at if you would like to add a logo, set a background image, or make another change.

All changes made on the Styling tab will be applied to your Course from then on, even if it's an existing one or if it's embedded on a website.
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