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This article answers some frequently asked questions about how our pricing system works.

Subscription plans

If you check our pricing page, we can see that we have different paid subscription plans:

Plans that include the Academy:

How long does a subscription last?

When you purchase a paid subscription plan with us, it runs monthly or yearly (depending on your preference). It's automatically renewed until (and if) you decide to cancel it.

If you do cancel, your account will be switched to a Tiny Owl (the free plan), and we'll keep your data stored in case you want to upgrade again in the future.

Can't I just pay for tests created?

We don't charge per individual test. With a paid subscription plan, you can create unlimited tests and courses, share them, and view your participants’ results.

How many participants can take my tests and courses per month?

Business Owl: up to 25,000 participant sessions per month.
Corporate Owl: up to 50,000 participant sessions per month.
Enterprise Owl: up to 100,000 participant sessions per month.

More sessions: for each extra 100,000 participant sessions per month, you need to pay another $250.

What does the 'number of participant sessions per month' mean?

It's the total number of times your participants took your tests and courses in your account in one month. You have reached the maximum number when the number of sessions, or accesses, for all of your Quizzes, Exams, Assessments, and Courses combined has exceeded your plan’s limit. If this limit is 25,000 times, one test could be taken 25,000 times or 25,000 tests taken only once. Any combination in between is also possible.

How many people can take my tests and courses at the same time?

Number of allowed simultaneous participants per account level:

Business Owl: 250-500 participants
Corporate Owl: 500-1,000 participants
Enterprise Owl: 1,000-2,000 participants

For more traffic, you have to buy extra server packages. Every additional 2000 simultaneous participants cost an extra $250
2,000-4,000: $250
4,000-6,000: $500
6,000-8,000: $750, etc.

What are the payment methods?

Our standard and preferred payment options are credit cards and PayPal.

Do you accept bank wire transfer?

For yearly plans, yes. We can make an invoice for you with the monthly price of your chosen package x 12 (no website discount). If that's what you wish, please tell us more about your use case and send us the following info:

Company name
Company contact
Contact telephone number
Invoice email address
Full address
VAT number (for countries in Europe)
PO number or another remark (only if applicable)

How can I get a free trial?

You can start your account as a free trial by clicking on any of these Start my free trial buttons (according to the plan you want to try - you can also include the Academy in your free trial).

After your free trial expires, you will get an email informing you that it's time to decide. If you choose not to do that, your account will be switched back to the free plan.

Can I pay with my own currency?

We receive payments in US dollars or Euros. If you are paying with a credit card, your credit card company will make the conversion to your local currency.

How do I know what the best plan is for my organization?

Please check this quick guide to help you choose.
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