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It's possible to upload your own images and fonts to your account for use in your custom CSS style sheet for Exams.

In order to customize the CSS of your Exams, you will need a Corporate Owl plan or above.

File manager tab

Go to the Styling tab of your Exam, and select the File Manager tab. On this page you can upload your own images and fonts:


Images up to 600 pixels wide can be uploaded. We support png, jpg, jpeg and gif file types. We don't support svg.


The table below shows the file types that are supported:

It's not necessary to upload all file types for one font.

If you are using a paid font, you will need to confirm that the end-user license agreement, or EULA for short, permits use of the font on our web domain before you are able to upload it. It's your responsibility to check this!

Custom CSS tab

Once your files are uploaded and saved, the file paths will appear on the Custom CSS tab, so you can use them on the style sheet:

You only need to upload your fonts and images once, and they'll be available in all other Exams to be used at any time.
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