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Need a quiz for an event? We have a tool for that!

Our Corporate Owl subscription includes some special features that are specifically tailored for events. These include: 

Resetting URL. A logout setting that will make your test go back to the login page, so it's ready for the next participant if you're using the same devices (for example, tablets).
Depending on the time and date of your event, we can give you live support during the trade show
A stand-alone ranking/leaderboard. A separate screen showing the quiz ranking with a gold medal for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third. This way every person that comes to your stand can see the ranking, which can be continuously displayed on a big screen to enhance the engagement.
Our monthly subscriptions are flexible. This means that you can use the subscription only as long as you need to set up the quiz, administer the quiz at an event, and review/download the results.

Clients' use cases

Kepro (2016)

Kepro B.V. is a company specialized in veterinary medicines with employees in the Netherlands and with many distribution points in various countries.

For an important fair in late February and early March 2016, they needed an interactive quiz, where knowledge transfer was also a goal.

Here are some pictures from this event:

They used a totem with a tablet so the participants could take the quiz:

Alea (2018)

ALEA is an Internet casino company based in Spain. They were looking for a quiz tool to use in an event in Amsterdam, in July, 2018. The goal was to attract people to their stand and test their knowledge about the casino industry and their online casino brands that had stands during the trade show (iGB Live! Amsterdam 2018). 

The setup consisted of a tablet that people were using to answer questions and the TV where they were showing a promotional video about the quiz and the prizes, and the leaderboard (combining the promotional video and the leaderboard was done with custom CSS).

These are the clients comments:

"We got quite an interesting number of participants. We rewarded the three winners of both exhibition days. The 1st got the Oculus GO Virtual Reality goggles, the 2nd a BOSE speaker and the 3rd the ALEA pack, that we made up with some goodies (tee-shirts, coffee cup, lanyard, M&M’s branded with our casino logos)."

- Thomas Hernandez, Affiliate Manager

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