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This article explains how you can use free text questions in your Exam.

Creating a free text question for your Exam

A free text question is one of the many question types available in our tool.

With a free text question, a participant can answer the question using his own words. The answer can be entered in the text field below the question (there is no character limit):

Grading the free text questions

These questions cannot be graded automatically by the system, so the answers need to be checked and graded manually afterwards (it's also not possible to edit the results at the moment).

It is possible to allocate 0 points (which you can’t do with any other question type) to ensure that the final score in the system is unaffected by the free text question.

This can also be handy, for example, if you want to ask an evaluation question at the end of an Exam. 

Inform your participants

To ensure your participants don't get confused, you should either inform them about their score not being final yet (maybe on your Exam > Start page) or hide the score so it doesn't appear on the Result page. You can edit these settings on the Result page tab of your Exam.

It's not possible to manually add the score for the free text questions directly to our system (yet). So you can grade and communicate the final score to your participants through other channels. All responses to free text questions, whether there are points allocated or not, can be exported with the rest of the Exam results.
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