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Even when there are no styling buttons displayed for a text field there is a way to style your questions and other text in your test.

Styling text with HTML

The way you can use HTML tags to style your text is to put tags around the text you need styled.

Just a few examples to illustrate:

<b>.....</b>  will make the text in between the tags bold.<em>.....</em>  will make the text in between the tags italic.

Supported HTML tags

Adding subscripts and superscripts to your text

You can add subscripts and superscripts using HTML tagging. There are many other options for styling text with HTML tags.

Sub- and superscripts are supported by Exams, Quizzes, and Assessments. They can be used in questions, but not answers.

Add the HTML tags within your question.
Sandwich the text that you want styled between the following tags:

Subscripts: <sub>...</sub>
Superscripts: <sup>...</sup> 

The html tags will show up in the text of the admin view:

Yet, the text will be styled for the participants when they take the Exam:

Adding a hyperlink to a question

To add a hyperlink to your question, you can use the following HTML code:

<a href="url" rel="noopener noreferrer">link text</a>
The hyperlink will then open in a new window.

Please note the following variables:

url - should be replaced with the web address that you want to link to
link text - is the bit of text that can be clicked to take the user to the web page

See the example below:

Appears as:

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