Find out how to set up your Academy domain, and the options available to you.

As an admin, you have two options available for setting up your Academy domain. You can either use an path, or you can set up your own domain. Go to Academy > Settings, and you'll see the radio button options in the Academy domain section. Let's take a look at each in turn. 

An path

This is the default setting when your Academy is set up. Your desired path can simply be entered in the URL name field, before hitting Save. 

This is the admin view in the dashboard:

Which will appear to your participants like this: 

Your own domain

In order to provide your participants with a known and trusted environment, it is also possible to link your Academy to your own domain. To make this work, three steps need be taken.

1. Choose the domain to use

You can point your Academy to any domain or subdomain, but that does not mean that any link can be made to work with our system. It means you can choose anything before the .com, .net, etc. There cannot be anything after that. 

Possible examples: 

Impossible examples:

In this article, we will set up as our custom domain. 

2. Point your domain to Easy LMS

So that when users navigate to that website, we receive the browser requests.

For this step, you need to configure the DNS for your domain. If you don’t know how to do this, you might want to ask your system administrator for help.

The pointing from your domain to our domain is done by adding a CNAME record, and the entry needs to be as follows:

In our example, this would be:

3. Configure Easy LMS for use with your domain

Tell our system that your chosen domain belongs to your Academy, so that when we receive a request from your domain, we know what to do with it.

Go to Academy > Settings > My own domain and enter your domain name in the field provided. This should be without the 'https://' and the final ‘/’. Don't forget to hit Save!

This is the admin view in the dashboard:

Which will appear to your participants like this:

It is not possible to use a top level domain (TLD) with CNAME. Only subdomains can be used.
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