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A general overview of the results and statistics of the Course format.

When you look at a report for a Course, you can see the following information:

Which parts (slides and tests) a participant has completed
At which date and time a participant reached each part of the Course
The scores of any Exams or Assessments part of the Course
Personal information of the participant (if enabled)

List of sessions

The Results tab contains a table with all the results of your participants:

This table lists the Date (date and time), Participant (name and email address), whether they've Finished, their Status (In progress, Failed, or Succeeded), and Certificate status. You can filter the Results by any of these fields.

Details per session

When you want to view individual results click on View details and you see an overview that contains more information and options.

The date and time each slide and test was opened
The score on Assessment and Exam slides
The option to Download certificate, so you can download a PDF copy of the Course certificate. Read about how to create a certificate for your course if you don't have one set up yet.

Export results

It is also possible to export these statistics so you can store them locally. This will generate an Excel file with all of the information above. If you have used any of the filters, only the filtered results will be exported.

The exports are asynchronous, which means that you can navigate elsewhere in Easy LMS and continue working while the export is being generated. The admin that triggers the export will receive an email notification when the export is finished (or fails). The export status and file download can be found on the Export overview page.

Beware that if you have a results export pending, the export may fail if you archive or delete learning content before the export is complete!

Soon, the Reporting tab of your courses dashboard will be deprecated.
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