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Learn about limits for sending emails and why they're important.

Why do you have limits for invitation emails?

In order to avoid the abuse of our invitation email system, and therefore maintain our level of service to you, we set limits to the number of invitation emails that can be sent every 24 hours. 

What are the limits per subscription level?

The limits vary per subscription type, and are as follows:

Enterprise Owl - 6,000 per day
Corporate Owl - 3,000 per day
Business Owl - 1,000 per day
School Owl - 250 per day
Teacher Owl - 100 per day

All trial accounts have a limit of 20 invitation emails per day. If you need more, purchase a plan with us 😉
What happens if I reach my limit?

Once you have reached the limit for your subscription type, our system will stop sending invitation emails until the following day. If you try to send invitations to Exam, Course, or Academy participants you will see the status Email pending and the emails will be queued. Once the limit is reset at 0:00 UTC, and you have a new allowance, any pending emails will be sent. You will see the status change from Email pending to Email sent.

Can I still import participants when I've exceeded my limit?

Yes, you can! The emails just won't be sent, and will remain in the pending state until the following day.

Even if you set up your own email server these limits still apply.
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