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This article walks you through the results and statistics of an Exam.

Where can I find the results of my Exam?

You can find all of your participants' results on the Exam from Exam > Analyze > Results.

Results per session

When you go to the Results tab, you’ll find a list of your Exam sessions:

Each session includes the following information:

The date and time the participant started the session

Name and email address (if you enabled this option in Participant data)

Whether the Exam was completed or not

The final score (percentage) and the grading category (Passed/Failed)

The certificate status

To view more detailed statistics of a session, you can click on the More actions icon and select View details.

The following information can be viewed in each session:

All the available participant information (name, email address, etc.)

Final score

The total time to complete the Exam

The chosen answers for each question and whether they were correct or incorrect

The number of points scored for each question

Question categories and results per category (if you use categories for your questions)

General results and statistics

If you go to the Overview, you’ll get a general view of your Exam’s questions and answers. All sessions are combined to give you a global score:

This information is available:

The number of finished and unfinished sessions

The number of passed and failed sessions

The number of correct, incorrect, and partially correct answers

You’ll also find an overview of all questions and answers here, where you’ll be able to see how many times (in numbers and percentages) a specific answer was chosen.

Results per category

If you’re using categories for your questions, you can find the global scores for each in the**Question categories** section.

For each category, you’ll be able to see:

The number of answered questions that are tagged with this category.

The number of questions answered correctly, incorrectly, or partially correct.

How do I export results?

Go to Exam > Analize> Results > Start export.

Apply any required filters (they will also be applied to the export content).

You can export the data for all sessions (Export > All sessions) or you can export the best result per participant (Export > Best session per participant).

Once you trigger an export, a message will appear to let you know that your export has started, and you will see a View status button:

The View status button will take you to the Export overview page, where you can monitor your export status.

The exports are asynchronous. The advantage here is that you can navigate elsewhere in Easy LMS, and continue working while the export is being generated.

The admin that triggers the export will receive an email notification when the export is finished or fails.

On the Export overview page, click the Download export button download your Excel file:

Exports will be displayed for a week on the Export overview page.

Beware that if you have a results export pending, the export may fail if you archive or delete learning content before the export is complete!

What information does All sessions contain?

The exported file for all sessions contains the following information:

Session ID

Exam ID

Exam title

Start date and time

End date and time

Duration (the difference between the start and end time)

Participant information

Completion status

Number of answered questions

Number of correctly and incorrectly answered questions

final score (percentage)

total points scored

Outcome of the Exam (i.e., passed/failed)

Certificate status

Points per category

Chosen answers for each question

Number of points scored for each question

Number of points scored for each category

Required data from the participant (default questions)

Required data from the participant (customized questions)

Answers and points per question

What information does Best session per participant contain?

The exported file for the best session per participant contains the following information:

Exam ID

Exam title

Participant information

Final scores

Number of attempts

Number of finished attempts

Certificate status

Reporting with integration

Another advanced option is to produce a report about individual results or Exam specific information with any third-party program of your choice using Webhook integration. To learn more about using Webhooks, please read this article.
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