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There are different ways to view reports in Academy. Here's an overview of all of them.

According to your admin level, access to Academy results differs (for global admins all options are available). 

1. Global and Academy admins

Go to Academy > Results:

By default you will see results for all participants, but you can select the group that you'd like to see the results for by using the drop-down menu:

Then the results page for your chosen group will display! It looks like this:

You'll see two tabs, one for Exam results and one for Course results. On each tab you can filter by:

The title of the Exam or Course
Whether it was finished or not
Exam score
Course status
Certificate status

Once you've applied your chosen filters, you can click the Export button to export your selection in an Excel sheet.

You can also click the View button in the Actions column to see an individual's results.

2. Academy group admins

Go to Academy > Groups > Select group > Exam results/Course results:

You'll see one tab for Exam results and one for Course results. You can apply the same filters as on the main Results page.

Group progress report

From the Progress report tab, you can filter by participant and progress, export the results and send reminder emails to selected participants, according to your filters. Learn more about that here

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