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One of the distinctive features of Easy LMS is that we don't charge per participant. That means you don't need to add users in advance before sharing your tests and courses. If you want to add participants, that is possible too, but not necessary.

This means you can publish the content you create with Easy LMS on your website, social media page, share it via text message, etc., without adding participants each time. Your participants can self-register or just take the tests anonymously.

However, we do have a limit of accesses, or participant sessions per month, per account.

What is a 'participant session'?

A participant session is an Exam, Course, Assessment or Quiz session or attempt (completed or not). You can view and download your sessions per content type at the Results tab of your tests or courses. As explained above, the session may contain participant data or be anonymous.

For example, in an Exam > Results, you can view the Exam sessions or attempts:

So, the limit of 'participant sessions' per subscription level is the total number of times your learning content can be accessed by your participants in one month. You have reached the maximum when the number of participant sessions for all of your Quizzes, Exams, Assessments, and Courses together has exceeded the given limit of your plan.

The access to the Academy is not counted as a participant session, because the Academy is not a piece of learning content, but merely a learning portal where your learning content from Easy LMS can be published.

If this limit is 25,000 times, it could be one piece of learning content completed 25,000 times, or 25,000 pieces of learning content finished one time. Any combination in between is also possible.

How can I download/keep track of my participant sessions?

You can keep track of your participant session by keeping an eye on your Results tab for each piece of content created. You can also export the results into an Excel file.

How can I download/export my participant data?

If you want to export your participant data, such as their name, email address, and other personal information, you can download that from the Results tab of your learning content. But remember that you have to ask for this data at the Participant data tab!

What are the limits of 'participant sessions' for each subscription level?

The limit for each subscription level is as follows:

25,000 participant sessions per month for Business Owl subscriptions
50,000 participant sessions per month for Corporate Owl subscriptions
100,000 participant sessions per month for Enterprise Owl subscriptions

More sessions: for every 100,000 participant sessions extra per month, an additional fee of $250/€235 applies.

You can check out our packages and their features and prices here.

Why is there a limit for the number of participant sessions?

There's a maximum number of accesses per month to limit the traffic for your account.

What happens when I exceed the limit for my account?

If you exceed this limit, you will have to upgrade to a higher plan to continue using our services. Only if you exceed the limit on a structural basis, we'll contact you and ask you to change your plan. We'll never disable or shut down any of your content without getting in touch with you first! Are you expecting traffic that exceeds the limit for your account level? Please contact us to discuss the options for upgrading or (temporarily) extending your limit.

If you plan on having your content accessed simultaneously, the number of participant sessions per month doesn't apply. You might need to pay for a temporary server upgrade for your account to make sure there's your learning content runs smoothly.

How many people can take my tests and courses at the same time (simultaneously)?

If many people are taking your learning content at the same time, it may cause a temporary overload on our servers. There’s a limit of simultaneous participants per account level (this is different from participant sessions). For detailed information on this topic, please check: How many people can take my learning content at the same time (simultaneously)?

Business Owl: 500 participants
Corporate Owl: 1,000 participants
Enterprise Owl: 2,000 participants

For more traffic, you have to pay an extra fee for simultaneous participants. For every 2000 simultaneous participants, you have to pay $250, on top of your current subscription price.
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