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Don't remember setting up an access code for your Exam or Course? Don't worry. We can help you fix this issue with simple steps.

Why does my Course or Exam ask for an access code when I try it?

This is happening because you activated the invite-only feature for your Course or Exam (by accident, or not).

You can find the explanation for this here: Can I restrict access to my learning content?

This means you have to add participants to take your learning content, and only those participants will be able to access it, using the unique combination of link and password sent to their email.

So, if you chose the option a predefined group of participants or invite-only, you need to add yourself to the list of participants and send an email to yourself so you can try your Exam or Course.

Your admin account credentials will not work, because the Course/Exam participant account is a different one. That is why it will ask for an access code when you try your Exam or Course.
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