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There are lots of differences between the Quiz and the Exam test formats, but the main differences are these:

The Quiz

The Quiz format should be used for creating gamified quizzes, where you want to make it fun & challenging to take the Quiz. Time is running and the main purpose is to get as many questions right as possible. 

Questions are shuffled and you can choose between several difficulty algorithms. A leaderboard or ranking is part of this format, obviously 😉 The reports for the Quizzes are really simple and only show rankings and points, like a game. If you want to create a quiz, please check this article.

The Exam

The Exam format is used for creating more serious tests, with a pass/fail rate. You can still limit the time, but it's not as obtrusive as in the Quiz format. You can add explanations to the questions and answers, to reinforce the information transfer. 

Users can pass or fail the Exam and it's possible to generate a certificate when completing an Exam with a specific score. The reports for Exams are more detailed, showing points obtained, and a list of all questions an answers. If you want to create an online Exam, click here to learn how

If you have started creating a Quiz, and now think creating an Exam is the best option for you, you can change a Quiz into an Exam. This article explains how.

There are also other tests formats you may want to try.
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