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When you start creating an Assessment, you will have to choose between two formats, Multiple categories or Single scale.

Let me explain the basic differences between the two.

Multiple categories

This format can be used to create Assessments were a respondent can fit into one, or several different categories. There's no right or wrong result. The result shows which category, or categories, the user belongs to/scored the highest at.

This is the format that would typically be used for a personality test. Categories could be something like: Dreamer, Adventurer, Advocate, or Worker for example.

Start by creating the Categories for your Assessment, then create the Questions. For each answer you can add points related to a specific category. This way, the system will know which category the user scored the highest at. 

You can watch a step-by-step guide here:

Single scale

This format can be used to create Assessments where a respondent can score within a specific category, on a scale.

This format can be used for placement or skill level tests (from beginner to expert for example) or whatever you want to measure that belongs to different levels of the same category. 

For this type of Assessment, it's best to create the Questions first and edit the Categories later.

You can watch a video tutorial here:

When creating and editing the Categories, bear in mind that you are actually creating "levels" within the same category. Therefore, you'll see a list of points for the whole Assessment:

You need to determine the number of points allowed for a given category (or level), and you can do that by calculating percentages for each. Here's an example:

Maximum points for the whole test: 18 (100%)
Maximum points for category/level 1 > Beginner: 5 (30%)
Maximum points for category/level 2 > Intermediate: 9 (50%)
Maximum points for category/level 3 > Advanced: 18 (100%)

Unfortunately, because of the complex structure of Assessments, if you start creating one Assessment type and later decide that the other type is the best option for you, it's not possible to make that change afterward.
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