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Are you wondering how well the internet connection should be when you are running your online test? Check out this article.

Access Easy LMS from modern device connected to the Internet

Easy LMS works well on almost any quality of Internet connection. The only thing that you or your participants may notice with any low-quality connection, is that loading the images (if you are using any) will take a bit more time.

That's it. So if you have any device with a screen that is connected to the internet: You're good to go! ✨

What happens if there's a connection problem when someone is taking a test or course?

If the participant is taking the learning content while registered with their email address, once the Internet connection returns, they will be able to log in again and pick up the test or course from where they left off.

Two buttons will appear at the start page of your learning content: Start or Continue the session. Continuing the session will resume the previous session.

Can Easy LMS be used offline?

Our system is a cloud-based software, so, it's not possible to use it offline or download it to your computer. You can, however, print your Exam or export your questions in order to have access to your content offline or on paper. You can also export your results into an Excel file.
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