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What is a Course end slide and when is it displayed?

There are three slides in a course created by default when a new Course is created:

Landing page
Course end slide

While the first two are easy to set up, the Course end slide can be a tricky one. The Course end slide consists of two parts;

A slide when a participant passes the Course
A slide when a participant fails the Course

When does the Course end slide appear?

Depending on whether a participant passes or fails a Course, one of these slides is shown at the end. However, the slide when someone fails a Course is only displayed if an Exam has been added to a Course. This is also the way to prevent a user from finishing a Course if he did not pass the Exam.

For the failed Course page to appear, you need to do the following:

Create both your passed and failed Course end slides
Add an existing Exam to your Course
Enter the minimum score required to pass the Exam (in percentages)
Enter the maximum number of attempts a participant has to pass the Exam

Only by meeting all these requirements will the failed Course end slide appear when a user has not passed the Exam within all given attempts. The settings may look like this:

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