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It's possible to see (and download) your invoices directly from your account. Check out how.

Where to find your invoices

The invoices of your account are sent to your invoice email address every month (or year) whenever your subscription is renewed. Sometimes the email may end up in the spam folder, so please check there too.

You can also see your invoices directly from your account dashboard:

Here you will find a list of your invoices. You can view and print them:

Changing your invoice email address

Besides being available directly from your account dashboard, we also send your invoices to your email, every time your plan is renewed (monthly or yearly). It's possible to change the invoice email address (and it can be different from the account email address).

Just go to My account > Invoice Info > Invoice Email address:

Click Save and you're done!

Can I pay with invoice/bank transfer?

We accept bank transfer for yearly plans. We can make an invoice for you with the monthly price of your chosen package x 12 (no website discount). If that's what you wish, please tell us more about your use case and send us the following info:

Company name
Company contact
Contact telephone number
Invoice email address
Full address
VAT number (for countries in Europe)
PO number or other remark (only if applicable)

If you pay with bank tranfer, we will manually create and send an invoice to you. This invoice will not appear in your Easy LMS account (because it is not generated automatically by the system). Your subscription is also not renewed automatically. Close to the renewal date, we will have to make and send a new invoice for you.
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