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This article will walk you through the places where you can find the results of your learning content. You can see reports, and view the results of your test-takers.

If your Easy LMS trial period has expired, your account will be downgraded to the basic plan, with no access to the Results. To identify the participant in the Results, don't forget to ask for participant information at the Participant data tab!

It's possible to view and export all your results into an Excel file. Some sections also allow generating a PDF report.

Let's take a look at the different reports you can have with your Easy LMS account.

Results per learning content type


Go to Dashboard > Exams to see a list of the Exams you've created. There's a small graph icon next to each one. You can click the icon to see the results:

When editing an Exam, you can go to the Analyze section and click Results

There you can see a list of your test-takers, their info (requested on the login page), see if they passed or not, or click on the three grey dots to view more details:

There, you can see all the questions and the answers from your participant and their data. You can also generate a PDF version of these reports:

In the Overview subtab, you can analyze all your participants’ results and view their performance per question:


Go to Analyze > Results. There you can have an overview of all your course participants. Viewing their session and participant data is possible by clicking on View details:

There, you can see when the participant started the Course and went through each of the Course Slides. If there's an Exam or Assessment added to the Course, there will be a link to the Exam/Assessment results in its respective tab. Everything is connected 😉


On the Results tab, you can see global statistics, scores, and percentages per question:

You can view and export the Statistics per participant:


You can see overall statistics for your Quiz on the Quiz dashboard tab. On the Results tab, you can see the score per individual player, the ranking (if you asked for the player's info on the login page), and the percentage of the selected answers per question:

In the Quiz section, it's not possible to view each question answered by the participant. Because of its gamified aspect, the score is presented only as cumulative points. If you need a test to see all the questions and answers from a participant, please use the Exam format.

Results per Academy group

If you have the Academy, you can view the Results per group by going to your Academy > Results > and selecting a group from the list. You can filter per Exam or Course results. Clicking the View option will open the detailed results for this session’s Exam/Course section.

It's also possible to go inside each group and view the results there:

Another super cool feature is the Progress Report subtab that lets you view and filter the results based on the participant's progress in the learning content. You can use the filters to select the people you want to send reminder emails to:

All results for a specific participant, timeframe, completion rate, and certificate status

Would you like to see all the results from a specific participant from all tests and courses completed in Easy LMS? Or view the results of all your learning content created with Easy LMS in a specific timeframe? That is possible in the Analyze tab > Sessions (you need a Corporate Owl plan or above to access this tab):

You can use one of the filters to select the information you want and then export the results:

This filter won't work if the participant is not registered with their email address.
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