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The most common question type for tests is the Multiple Choice Question. However, you might want to try some of the other formats as well.

Multiple choice questions

A multiple choice question is the most common question type for tests. This format contains the question with several answers to choose from.
This question type can also be used for creating True or false questions!

Free text (essay) questions

A Free text question is an open text question which can be answered with someone's own words. Due to its nature, this question cannot be automatically graded by the system, and will have to be manually graded afterwards.

Checkbox questions

With the checkbox question type a user is allowed to select several answers. You can determine the maximum amount of answers that may be selected.

Drop-down questions

This question type lists the answers to a question in a drop-down menu.

Scale questions

The answers of scale questions are presented horizontally in a scale.

Image questions

You can also choose to add images to the answers of multiple choice questions, by choosing the options small images, medium images, and large images:

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